January 23, 2007

Readings: Blogging, L/CMS, and E-Portfolios

Following from Mark's recent post on blog readings, I offer a link to an EDUCAUSE piece from 2004 entitled "Educational Blogging." In addition, those of us participating in the initiative will benefit from another EDUCAUSE article on learning/course management systems; this one, "Managing Courses, Defining Learning," is from 2006. Finally, Mark and I have been discussing the features of e-portfolios, a component of the technology initiative that we will come to later in the semester. Here I recommend "An Overview of E-Portfolios," a 2005 report from EDUCAUSE. As you can see, I think well of EDUCAUSE, an entity with which we should all be familiar. Another fine resource is the Pew Internet & American Life Project, whose products are timely and substantive.

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