January 22, 2007

Blogger Trajectory in My VAP Course

I'm using Blogger in both my Visual and Performing Arts courses this semester and for the moment I'll share some things I'm doing in the former course, about which I'm excited. My VAP course is currently writing an essay which is a non-fiction narrative about their introduction to the arts. We are reading, of course, examples of this genre. One of their first assigned posts will be to upload a version of this essay with some carefully chosen embedded images and/or (links to?) sound/video files. I've given them the following specific expectations (in addition to having relied very much on a version of the files Geoff sent around on email recently). They are to...

--add approximately one sidebar link a week (for a minimum of 14 sidebar links by end of term, and...

--post a minimum of six times unprompted (in addition to posting for specific assignments) over the course of the semester.

In addition, they will be responding to some occasional prompts from me, such as (but not necessarily in this order): Using images and hyperlinks...

  • Introduce us to the best arts-relevant website you can find and argue for its stature/longevity/usefulness. Consider focusing on a site related to your own artistic practice.
  • Introduce us to an artist or arts movement you like and about which we might not have heard. Tell us why they are interesting. How does their work fit into your vision of art/s? What do you identify with? etc.
  • Write a review of a performance or piece of art in a gallery, etc.
  • Comment on Three of your Fellow Students Blogs: a one-two para thoughtful response. Can agree or disagree but do it courteously an with great respect. Can also send them and their readers to other places on the web. How do you identify with their ideas? Can you expand on them? etc.
What are others doing with Blogger this semester?

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GCM said...

Caley: What you have here is very thoughtful and highly promising. My expectation is that students will respond well to these tasks. Do let us know how the semester develops.

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