January 22, 2007

About FERPA and Student Names

Just wanted to share with you a moment from an email discussion I had with another member of our Tech Initiative team, in case it might be useful:

My Question:
When you post your student blogs on BlackBoard, do you do it by
student name (does FERPA apply within BB?) and can students use
their first name or first name and an initial or last name and an initial
(just not their full names) on the blogs?

You can have your students use any screen name that they (or you) prefer on their blogs, as long as it is not their full first and last name. As to Bb, when I build the page with links to the blogs of all students, I use their last names (I am not an expert in FERPA, which has many "gray" areas, but because Bb is a password protected site, my understanding is that full names are acceptable within that environment).

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